My experience here was absolutely fantastic. The owner of the shop explained to me very clearly about what was wrong with my tires and even gave me advice on what type of coolant to use. Most importantly, he helped me understand my vehicle better and I’m leaving with reassurance that I’ll be safe driving my car. I’m looking forward to my visit here again soon to get my wheels aligned. Great tire store and highly recommended.

- Suzy Kim



Knowledgeable & friendly service. Took care of all my questions easily & handled my car with care! Great parking was a big plus.

- Franz



Worth the drive! Although tire installation and balancing are available at many locations, I found Alignbalance well worth the drive. What I observed was care! Once the tires were removed each wheel was carefully cleaned to ensure complete seating since dirty rims can actually cause slow leaks. The tires were carefully mounted and the wheels were placed back on the vehicle with the lug nuts tighten in the proper crisscross star pattern. The two things I really liked that Alignbalance used a torque wrench afterwards and even set the tire pressure to exactly what I required. These are usually things that have to be done again at home since most shops don’t torque nor set the pressure as requested. Great job, Alignbalance! You’ve got a customer that will tell all her friends!

- Tessa



Excellent overall experience. Polite, competent staff, very quick service. I’d come again.

- Gary Cox


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