Welcome to the Hankook Tire!

Hankook Tire is a global technology-focused, market-driven company dedicated to you, our customer. We are committed to being one of the world’s leading tire company’s and we are doing that by providing the highest quality tires backed with industry-leading warranties that are available through an outstanding network of dealers and retailers located across the United States.

Hankook’s products embody a set of proprietary innovations called ‘Kontrol Technology.’ Kontrol Technology has led us to offer tires that provide a range of driving benefits across four areas that are key when choosing quality tires: performance; safety; comfort; and the tire’s environmental effects. Every Hankook Tire is developed with these elements in mind and manufactured to uncompromising standards.

We are proud of our products and also proud of the growing third-party recognition our products continue to receive. Top automotive publications, including Car and Driver, have tested and compared our tires resulting in praise for their performance and value. Hankook tires are also increasingly selected for Original Equipment applications by the leading car companies here is the U. S. and around the world.



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